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Frequently Asked Questions

St. Thomas marijuana frequent questions and answers

What's the Legal Status?

Recreational is not legal.. yet. Marijuana has been decriminalized, with carrying up to 1 oz only punishable by a small fine. Medical marijuana is legal, but requires a prescription. Check out more @ Is Weed Legal in St. Thomas?

How Do I Get a Card

Medical is legal in the USVI.  Legislation was passed and signed by Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan Jr. on January 17th, 2019. Weed will be available for purchase from dispensaries sometime in 2020. If you are a resident, longer than 45 days, of the Virgin Islands check out this guide on getting your USVI Medical Cannabis Card.

Can Tourists Get a Medical Marijuana Card in St. Thomas?

Yes! If you are visiting St. Thomas on a cruise, or having an extended stay you can get a temporary medical marijuana card! If you already have a valid medical weed card from any US state or country you can get a med card! Check out this guide to getting your non-resident medical marijuana card.

Can I Smoke Weed on St. Thomas Beaches?

No! Public consumption of weed is strictly forbidden in the Virgin Islands. Even with a medical marijuana card, you can not smoke marijuana in any public space, including beaches.

When will weed be available for purchase in St. Thomas?

Rules and regulations are currently being drafted.  An Adult-use cannabis bill is also under consideration. Currently it looks like weed may not be available until late 2022 or early 2023. You can find St. Thomas cannabis dispensaries here.

Where else in the Caribbean is Weed Legal?

Marijuana laws in the Caribbean are changing rapidly. Medical weed is legal in Puerto Rico and Jamaica!  Countries like St. Kitts, Bermuda, Trinidad, British Virgin Islands are all beginning to explore new cannabis legislation.